Academic Advancement Center

The AAC is partnering with, an online drop-in tutoring service available 24/7. Over 250 subjects are covered

Academic Workshops

Improve your academics by learning study habits, time management, organization techniques, and much more

Assistive Technology Resource Center

The Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) advocates for proactive, inclusive design, and planning concerning access to technology and electronic information


Adult Learner & Veteran Services (ALVS) supports the academic success all adult learners, including but not limited to veterans and student parents

Calculus Center

The Calculus Center offers free drop in tutoring for MATH 155, 160, 161, 261, and 340

Eagle Feather

The Native American Cultural Center (NACC) offers academic support for certain subjects by appointment

University Calendars

CSU has several calendars that have important dates pertaining to college, religion, sports, and more

Student Disability Center

The Student Disability Center provides support for students with both permanent and temporary disabilities


TILT (The Institute for Learning and Teaching) offers a wide range of resources such as tutoring, seminars to improve studying habits, and more

Writing Center

A free service offered by CSU to improve the quality of writing in a wide range of subjects

Career Center

The career center can help you search for a job, prep for an interview, help you network as well as many other services

Career Services

CSU’s alumni center offers services for ram graduates such as career counseling, webinars and more

Connect 1:1

Schedule an appointment with a career advisor and discuss networking, resumes, mock interviews and more


Discover full-time, part-time, internship positions and more at Handshake

Jobs and Internships

Get help with job/internship search strategies, access to job boards and advising


MyMajors recommends CSU majors based upon a student’s academic achievement, interest and personality

Diversity Resources

Find various communities such as El Centro and Pride Resource Center and so much more

Key Communities

Key communities helps first year, second year and continuing students transition into university

Learning Communities

Join a community of students interested in the same subjects as you


Join a fraternity or sorority, observe the cosmos, build robots, do the tango and so much more!

Ram Link

Discover events, student organizations, communities and more


Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is an organization devoted to inspiring women to pursue a career in engineering

Center for Mindfulness

The mission of mindfulness is to teach people how to be aware of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions

CSU Health Network

Take advantage of health services CSU offers such as pharmacy, immunization, and much more

CSU Recreation Center

Lift weights, swim, get a massage, and more at the CSU Recreation Center

Religion @ CSU

Explore various religious communities at CSU


Silver Cloud is available 24/7 and based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles to help users increase their well-being


Find tips for taking care of your mental, physical and social health

Case Management

Case management provides crisis prevention and intervention services. In difficult situations such as medical, mental health, personal or family crisis, illness or injury


Use career center’s various resources to find a job on or off campus

Financial Aid

Get in touch with a counselor and discuss how the office of financial aid can help you


Explore the various loans available to you


Explore various scholarships to help pay for college